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A Kid’s World is proud to have been selected as a 2013-2015
Texas School Ready Preschool through the University of
Texas, Children’s Learning Institute.


Kindergarten Ready Class

Must be 5 years old on or before September 1st of the following school year.

League City Kindergarten Ready ClassThe Creative Curriculum System for Preschoolers is the curriculum foundation for our Kindergarten Ready Program.

The Creative Curriculum System for Preschoolers is an advanced project approach, science based preschool curriculum that encourages children to investigate, apply and integrate what they have learned into all subject areas.

Click HERE to see a Creative Curriculum Study in action.

Our Kindergarten Ready class is exclusively for children who will be entering Kindergarten next school year.

This class is a structured class that mimics a public school kindergarten classroom.

Our goal is to provide the parent and their child with a routine, as well as, increased expectation in academic performance and classroom discipline.


This is the perfect class for parents who truly want their child to start school "Kindergarten Ready."

In addition to The Creative Curriculum System for Preschoolers Curriculum, A Kid’s World has adopted effective teaching methods from current research (and best practices) to compliment The Creative Curriculum Program.

We also stay informed and utilize teaching strategies of local school districts to ensure a smooth preschool to kindergarten transition.

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Language & Literacy Language & Literacy at A Kid's World daycare

Our language curriculum includes writing and complete phonics instruction, as well as sight word reading.

We also integrate literacy through math, science and dramatic play.

Research shows that this combined, integrated approach not only helps children with knowledge retention, it also promotes a love for literacy.




Our math program includes basic number concepts such as; counting, addition and subtraction.

We also cover geometry (shapes), measurement, and patterning.

Our unique approach to math integrates arithmetic into everyday activities such as dramatic play and cooking, this allows children to apply their learning and see the value of numbers in everyday situations.



Our science program rocks! Our preschoolers immerse themselves into 8 investigation projects a year.

Our projects build on a child’s natural curiosity, teaching children how to find answers to their burning questions.

This not only promotes independence, it also creates hands on opportunities for your child to develop critical thinking skills that deepen logical thinking for more meaningful investigations.




Our art program activities includes; drawing, painting and holiday crafts using various art mediums. Our kids explore color and manipulate shapes and textures.

In addition to creative expression, we use art as an opportunity to extend language skills by giving children an opportunity to look critically at famous art work and develop critiquing skills.


Social Emotional Learning

Research shows that good social skills are paramount to, not only a happy childhood, but academic success.

We teach children how to make friends, respect boundaries and control their emotions with our very own Parent’s as Partners Social Learning Program.

Our social learning program is based on current research and includes proven techniques that support children at this stage of development.







A Kid’s World is part of the Texas Education Agencies Kindergarten Readiness System. The Kindergarten Readiness System is a voluntary program that recognizes the positive impact of local PreK programs with a “PreK Center of Excellence” award.

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