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Letters to the Director

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and the girls over the past 7 years, we have truly enjoyed having them there.  They couldn't have had a better educational background in preparation for school.  I highly recommend to anyone that's looking for childcare to try the Montessori approach, especially at Kids' World.


T. and J.

I was writing to tell you thank you so very much for helping, things are night and day with her, she loves coming to school, thank you for letting her come and sit with you, it means so very much to me you took the time to talk to me and let her come sit with you. She no longer cries and gets upset the night before and keeps us up all night crying, she now asks about can she go to school to see her friends : ) I don't know what you or the others did but she is much happier.

Thanks soooo much !


Tanya –I know I have been blessed to have such a quality care for my children over the past 7 years. I cannot say enough about the teachers in the 3s and 4s class (Amy, Danielle, Yolanda, Sharon). Amy, Danielle and Yolanda have taken such wonderful care of BOTH my children and it says a lot about your daycare that your teachers have been there for so long in my opinion. Sharon has been such an amazing teacher the past two years. I am in awe of the things that my daughter already knows before starting kindergarten and that Sharon can not only provide such wonderful teaching but is obviously a positive influence in her life. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “Ms. Sharon said ___.” Thank you for a wonderful 7 years!


Emma, Kenny and Sophie are all doing really well in school...when they finished for summer break Michelle and i just reminisced that we have been extremely fortunate that the kids had a wonderful start with you and your staff and then now have wonderful teachers at parr...i know sometimes u dont get told "thank you" enough but we know , in our own little world, what a really good job a kids world has done for our kids and we will forever be grateful to you mi amiga...


There is a big reason we've been at AKW since Gavin was 18 months old-we love it and I have nothing but trust in you.  I'm happy to refer any and all my friends.  Thanks again!

My daughter B.

"Today is my daughter Briannah's 2nd day of school there, and she couldn't wait to run in and learn, I plan on continuing bringing her around 8 AM when the class room time begins, and she absolutely LOVES it! She couldn't wait for school to start again today, she was sooo anxious last night she didn't sleep until 11:30, so I must say her father and I are impressed with your staff the professionalism, the organization and the home -like atmosphere of the center. My daughter loved her teacher and the caregiver that works in the afternoon. Thank you very much for your and your staff's continued work at A Kid's World!"

You guys are really such a wonderful, nurturing school.  If there's anything further I can do, just let me know.


Tanya - If you get this email tonight, you don't have to reply. It's after hours. :)

But I just wanted to let you know about S. Please let Ms. Ruby and Mrs. Amy know that they are doing a FANTASTIC job with S.

S colors while I get dinner ready every night. And tonight she came up to me with her notepad and said, "Look Mommy, I draw a 'T'"....I looked down and she had written a "T", an "I" and an "S".  At THREE YEARS OLD!!!
She is writing her letters!

I am just so thankful for Ms. Belia, taught her so much in the 2s room and now with Ms. Ruby and Mrs. Amy. She's just learning so much. :)

Talk to you later,

M. M.


I took T to dance class on Monday.  There is a table with magazines and she always goes in the door and picks one up for us to look at before her class starts.  As we were looking through the magazine, she is talking up a storm! (she tends to do that when her brother is not around - all the attention I guess!)  She is asking me all kinds of questions about adds in the magazine and I am giving her my best "4-year-old" answers.

There was a lady sitting next to us that asked how old she was.  She said she was a teacher at a local high school and that she has not, in all her years of teaching, heard a 4-year-old speak and enunciate as well as T.  That made me feel so good but of course I gave all the credit to A Kid's World. 

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do and for providing my kids with a wonderful environment and a great education!


Dear Tanya,

We are very impressed with what your school has accomplished with T.  When he started with "A Kids World" in early December all he could do was point at something and make an "uh" sound.  Your curriculum and staff has succeeded in about four to five weeks (off Christmas week) to develop his communication skills to the point that he now uses words and simple sentences.  

There is much more we say about how happy we are with you and your staff, the Montessori program, and the overall happy atmosphere at "A Kids World".  For right now all I can say is that his father, S and I are very glad that we decided to visit "just one more" child care facility before deciding on one.  That was your school.   After just a few minutes of visiting with you and your school we knew that we had found the right place.  We are already bragging about T's progress and your school to our friends.


D, S and S

I also wanted to tell you what a fantastic place A Kid's World is. You guys really do a great job, I feel completely comfortable when I drop Kenadie off for the day. She is so much happier than she was at the previous school. I know all of her teachers just adore her and treat her like a little princess. She will say things at home that she must have learned at school; which is always great to hear. I also love the newsletters. I read every one of them. Thank you and your teachers for a wonderful job. We look forward to the next few years with you guys.

J. G.

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